Monday, June 27, 2011

Iron Man - 2 (IMAX Experience) @ Hyderabad, Prasad's Multiplex

"Sir, May I help you ?"
"Yes please, I need 2 tickets to watch a movie in IMAX screen"
"Excuse me Sir, may I help you ?"
"Yees pleaseee, I need 2 tickets to watch a movie in IMAXXX screen"
Pregnant pause
"This is IMAX multiplex, which movie do you want 2 watch ?"
Now in local Telugu
"no bro, you dont get me, I want to watch movie in the big screen"
"Oh ok ok, biiigggg screen, fine Ravaan starts at 11.00PM"
"no no, not the cheesy popcorn dishum-dishum flicks, a real one"
"Iron Man - 2 at 2.00PM ?" ...Cool "Book 2 tickets Sir"

Me and my friend, the first timers among the lot who stood in the queue to catch the movie. The queue looked simple but there was some kinda curiosity that piled in us to discover the enormity of the IMAX screen. A sort of colloquial awe existed among the twain, which appalled others surrounding us. As we walked in, I stood in a reverential silence to look at the colossal screen, that stood in front of me. I dint beat a pulse, went niche, Couldn't believe my own presence. what do you call it ? colossal, well colossal is an understatement. It could probably come close to what the Telugu guy described to me, "Biiiggg screen" with arms wide open reaching infinity. I had to crane my head up and down in a nearly 180deg angle to catch its entirety. My mate had gone mute, lost his mind, he stood there like "Rip Van Winkle" searching for piece of mind on the big screen.

The movie turned on, The AC/DC fires in from all cylinders with more bang than you would have ever heard before. The explosions, the Iron-Man-Sky-fly, were all shown with god-level effects. The best part was when Robert Downey, flies in his Iron Man suit, you have to dart your eye balls all across from one-end to a mile apart other-end to catch his flight. The heavily tattooed Russian looked all more stylish, with all his intricate art being visible with clarity. The screen was circumvented by a graphic LCD, and thus the graphical effects went unparalleled, especially when the Russian rips the racing car with a pair of electrically powered whips, the sparks literally flew off the screen. The movie/screen was great experience, and fully deserves your buck. Its one thing to watch a movie, and completely different thing to watch it real.

Just like the actors in the movie, you would enjoy every bit of the story. Downey enjoys his character so well, he seems to leave you with these lyrics ringing in your ears. "Living easy, leaving free" ta-na-na ta-na-na ta-na-na ... "don't need reason, don't need rhyme" ta-na-na ta-na-na ta-na-na ..."hey, living easy, living free" ain't nothing I would rather do going down, party time "hey ta-na-naana, ta-na-na" ta-na-na ta-na-na ta-na-na.

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