Sunday, May 9, 2010

moments of a few comments ....

Ravi Shastri - India vs Aus is a virtual final with the 2 best teams playing. :P

(India vs WI)
MS Dhoni: We are hoping to give our best in next game :P (ROFL)

Simon Duall - Its shameful for India to loose with all the IPL and practice they got in last 2 months :P

Jason Gillespie: If Dhoni thinks Harbhajan is the only bowler who can stop Windies in thr first 6 overs, why take first bowling stating reasons the seamers are going to swing, when u have gone 8 batsmen in ur line-up :P

Ian Bishop: Jadeja has been hammered for 8 sixes in last 3 overs, but the captain still shows confidence and brings him for 4th !!! :P

This is best among all :D :) (India vs Aus)
Harsha Bhogle: The way Rohit Sharma is batting, he still thinks he can win it for India. ROFL :P -- wonder how he missed the best commentator award in IPL :)

Saurav Gangauly: they sent harbhajan before jadeja cause they think he can hit better than Jadeja, my mind rolls over to understand why they still have jadeja :P

Saurav ganguly: why cant Dhoni bat higher up the order, when he do the same for CSK :P

Last but not the least ... it had to come from
Ravi Shastri to Times Now: India still hold a chance after SL's loss yesteday :P (The poorest PJ i guess )

NDTV @ Shastri: What Ravi Shastri says is only a mathematical mirracle :P

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