Sunday, May 9, 2010

moments of a few comments ....

Ravi Shastri - India vs Aus is a virtual final with the 2 best teams playing. :P

(India vs WI)
MS Dhoni: We are hoping to give our best in next game :P (ROFL)

Simon Duall - Its shameful for India to loose with all the IPL and practice they got in last 2 months :P

Jason Gillespie: If Dhoni thinks Harbhajan is the only bowler who can stop Windies in thr first 6 overs, why take first bowling stating reasons the seamers are going to swing, when u have gone 8 batsmen in ur line-up :P

Ian Bishop: Jadeja has been hammered for 8 sixes in last 3 overs, but the captain still shows confidence and brings him for 4th !!! :P

This is best among all :D :) (India vs Aus)
Harsha Bhogle: The way Rohit Sharma is batting, he still thinks he can win it for India. ROFL :P -- wonder how he missed the best commentator award in IPL :)

Saurav Gangauly: they sent harbhajan before jadeja cause they think he can hit better than Jadeja, my mind rolls over to understand why they still have jadeja :P

Saurav ganguly: why cant Dhoni bat higher up the order, when he do the same for CSK :P

Last but not the least ... it had to come from
Ravi Shastri to Times Now: India still hold a chance after SL's loss yesteday :P (The poorest PJ i guess )

NDTV @ Shastri: What Ravi Shastri says is only a mathematical mirracle :P

Saturday, May 1, 2010

IPL 3 gets over .... Staying on a high for more than a month .. I get all emotional for missing the event

what I cherished most is some unexpected talent, which I shall never forget ...

Cheer Awesomeness

1. Ambati Rayudu: God he comes from ICL and plays every bowler like he has done it all b4. Power and strokeplay, I just watched all his innings in awe
2. Saurabh Tiwary: Its soo good to be young and powerful and he enjoys it all. still cant forget the flat batted straight six in shalab srivatsava bowling, Against Kings XI Punjab.
3. Pragyan Ojha: Single handedly controlled the bowling department of Deccan. Consistent wicket taker and ability to pull Deccan into game after RP heroics (:P)
4. Rohit Sharma: For once i thought selectors had royyaly fucked up, he proved it otherwise. If Deccan have sustained 14 then 7 of those were cause of Sharma the rest being handled by symmo.
5. Robbin Uthappa: Highest number of sixes in the IPL3 beating likes of Yususf, Symmo, Gilly and all. Given sometime we should become the next dangerous
6. Vinay Kumar: Any batsmen can hit him any where of any ball that he bowls, but look at the contrary, he can get any wicket of any batsmen in any ball that he bowls.
7. Saurav Ganguly: all the 7 matches that KKR won was cause of Ganguly, he stroked, timed, went big, dived, run-outs goodness he played his heart out than anyone else in IPL3
8 Unadkat: Included his name cause Akram says so, and if it comes from Akram everyone have to listen.
9. Umesh Yadav: Never seen Indian bowler bowl so consistently at 144K's, The raw pace he generates so causally, I just Hope the Indian cricket knows how to tinker with him carefully.
10. Amit Mishra: leg spin, googly, googly, leg spin and googly .. such a difficult bowler to pick up unless watched carefully, happened to be a shade under confident else he should have been the purple cap holder in IPL3
11. Kamran Khan: Commeth the man Commeth the hour, 2 matches and whom did he pick Macullum, gayle, kallis. Where its difficult to see jsut sling bowlers, left arm sling bowling is quite a wierdness, if grommed he should be quite a pick for India.

ROFL moments

1. Murali Vijay: We all know he scored 127 on pitch where even Naman Ojha scored 93, but if not for some crude playing here and there, one question that still lingers what was the fucked up selection all about for world cup T20 .??
2. Harmeet And Jaskaran Singh: When these two bowl in tandem, Deccan are on a roll :-)
3. Ishanth Sharma: 3rd preferred bowler for India, saw himself sitting out even for Club House Cricket.
4. S Sreesanth: So senseless bowling, Every ball he bowls he got 2 pray hard to not be hit for a boundary.
5. Yuvraj Singh: The worst of the lot, for his attitude and his ego only Priety Zinta can handle him

Big Disappointments

1. Manish Pandey: for what he proved in domestic season, he still seemed searching for footwork