Saturday, October 24, 2009

First day @ Work ..!!

I known for running my mouth I will not be accountable for what comes out :-) . Having a mental floss of waking up late is never really good. I realized that when you hear the alarm in the morning. The last thing you should do is turn it off and roll over for a few minutes sleep. Somehow you will skip time and go into the future of just a few minutes before you are needed to clock in. The magic of sleep... is a tricky one, but it is so nice to get those Z's.

I woke up at 10AM on the day I had to report at 9AM on the first day of my work. The usual timings being 11, it was a bit too early but the alarm had gone honking for probably the 10th time when I realized I wasn't attending another lecture in my collage anymore.

As i quickened my regular activities, I was stuck over on the dress code. "was there a dress code ?" I wasn't sure. "casual? jeans? formal? a bow tie perhaps..!!". My mind went essentially "bi-polar" oscillating between full shirt and pant and jeans and a t-shirt, but i had never ever worn formals So the word "formals" did not compute. In the end I plumped a casual shirt, t-shirt and jeans. Wanted to carry on neck chains, arm bands etc.. But I resisted.

So then I dashed into the office at 11.30AM like its my own with a flannel shirt, a punk hairdo, carrying a supine look on face and a tag on the forehead that screamed: WIERDO! . There was a moment of nervous anticipation before I met the HR with that nagging doubt (was I sure I joined work so early at age). I almost happened to feel those pangs in the pit of my abdomen as I approached her. Whilst I knew none of the appropriate steps were taken[coming in at 11.30], you still wonder how you’ll deal with the worst to happen. You try not to thing about it, but it’s there, in the back of your mind. Until she comes, you won’t be able to relax. "Come on", you mutter to yourself, through gritted teeth, "come oooon!"

"What?" it[the HR] asks, somewhat indignantly.
"You’re late!"
"Come on, only 2 hours..." I thought
"this ain't collage anymore" comes a stern reply.[i wonder if she over heard my thoughts]

I win over a chair and gather a pen and I as I sit down to fill my norms, I notice the flogged look of exuberance on the "girl next chair" to have been the only one among the new joinees to have carried of a prude look. I complete the forms, take a sigh and tell the HR in most submissive manner known "I haven brought any of my original documents", well this is just a tip of the iceberg, for the rest of the day i scrapped through by not submitting my medical reports, Degree grade sheet, passport size photographs and rest only HR should know..!! My photos were taken by cell and color printed into customized size :P [It wasn't my suggestion :) came from the company side]. My medical report submission was delayed till the following weekend and my originals, i guess the HR had almost "given up" by that time. All the while through the "girl next chair" bore a crummy look towards me. I of-course pitied her, for she came in at 8.30AM and waited unrelentingly over 3 hours for me[as the HR told her procedures won't continue until I came], but I never really bothered over anything, ask why? cause Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest in Monte Carlo and came in third; that's a story and I am happy to talk of a story for myself.